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What is “LOVE?”

Love is … beat after beat after beat…

Love is the intimate connection one person shares with another. It’s knowing the ying and the yang in a relationship, but making the best out of it all. It’s not necessarily knowing the other person completely, but understanding them and supporting them in their everyday life. It’s not necessarly throwing everything aside to focus on that certain individual, but rather letting them know that they are in your everyday thoughts. It’s that random phone call to say “Hope you have a great day. I love you.”

Love is not making another individual the center of attention in your life, but rather accepting him/her and yourself, and making your own little world.

Love is acceptance.

Love is unromantically romantic.

Therefore, love is also ironic.

Love brings out the poet in everyone, whether the words are said aloud or not.

Love, like the seasons, is always changing.

Love is looking up at the skies and admiring their beauty.

Love is looking into someone’s eyes and knowing… just knowing.

Love is wanting to give it all, but not being forced to.

Love is unique. It brings out the worst and the best in all of us.

Love is different and bold, and young and old, and sometimes you want nothing to do with it, but other times its just everything you want. It’s the little words your heart whispers out your chest.

Love is the blush you get on your cheeks.

Sometimes, love are the dry tears that roll down your face.

Love is the smile that stretches across your face.

Now and then, love is the sadness and pain that overtakes your body.

Other times, love is the motivation to keep moving on day by day.

Love is … beat after beat after beat…IMG_2058



Although I live for the now, I can't help it if the dreamer inside me becomes a little curious.

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