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When I was months away from graduating high school, I liked to think that me and my best friend would make it through anything. I mean, who goes so long knowing another person to just end up fucking things up at the last minute?

I did, is who. But let me explain…

I like to think that we were inseparable, Danny and I. We went to school together since elementary, through middle school, we were ending high school together, and attending the same university after graduation! I mean, c’mon, can I say Best fucking friendship ever?! We were ecstatic that whole second semester, living through college acceptances and declines, and making the most important decisions that high school seniors had to make in regards to their education.

Personally, I had plans of staying local, attending the town’s community college and finding a job to financially support my family. Danny though, wanted to move away, to UCLA or Monterrey, or even out of state, and possibly make a fresh start and form new friendships.

That was the plan anyway.

We didn’t do everything together, but many would say we did. We formed a huge role in our local youth group, giving a voice to the youth in our community, we volunteered our time in town events, like the March of Dimes, we volunteered our time at our old junior high’s orientations, and spoke to many about our partnership, and how great our friendship was. We had classes together, our parents knew each other, and we had the same friends. We were best friends.

He was one of the star students, volunteered at his church, track and cross country runner, Advanced Placement kid, 4.0+ grade point average, that kid had serious brains. Still does…


Danny and I


Although I live for the now, I can't help it if the dreamer inside me becomes a little curious.

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