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I Will Never Let My Struggle Become My Identity…

I will never let my struggle become my identity,

Nor will I longer allow my insecurities to scream louder than my confidence.


I will carry the weight of the world if that’s what it takes to find

my happiness,

my success,

my peace.


I’m a sympathetic person, and sometimes people believe that is enough reason to walk all over my




to step all over this ever-altering person like they stomp over the falling, changing leaves of winter and fall.


I will no longer succumb to feeling empty because of others who only wish to do me harm, and I will no longer allow for someone else to take over my life’s steering wheel.


I will no longer lose vision of what is important to me because of the shadows that invade my life, and I will keep my face always towards the sunshine.


And it will not be an easy journey since I have




abandoned my goals, dreams, and aspirations.


And by all means, it will not be a simple trek when I have constantly given up on myself.

But I am determined.

And I am powerful.

And I am ever changing.

And I am constantly trying.



I will never again let my struggle become my identity.





Although I live for the now, I can't help it if the dreamer inside me becomes a little curious.

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