When we set our minds to do good and deal with the ugly, there’s almost no denying that we’ll have to face the bad again. The only difference the second, and third, and fourth time around… is that through experience, we learn to deal with the beautiful disaster.

Ana Sagrero-Mendoza 06/02/2016

About Ana Banana:

First and foremost, Ana Banana is not my real name. My real name is Ana Sagrero-Mendoza. I was born in California in the year 1996, but apparently I look older than I am!

When I am not at school, working, or sleeping, I am probably eating.

I am the third of six wonderful children, but of course, I am the gifted one. Just kidding mom!

At 21 years of age, I still don’t quite know what the future holds for me. I am a thinker and I impulsively question all things around me. I am not a conformist. Neither am I a rebel. I like to think of myself simply as a very curious individual. I like to think that nothing sets me apart from others and that we all have the same capacities and incapacities.

I have a wonderful daughter named Miekah (Me-Kah). She’s a BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd and will be finally turning two years old on October 30th, 2017.

When I grow older, I want to be so much more confident than I was when I was younger.

*Quick thank you’s:

To my mother and father, Estelia and Lazaro, for always being there for me and providing me with a better life; although it is not perfect, it will always be more than I deserve.

To my brother Ruben, for always being more than willing to explore the world with me. You are the best partner in crime.

To my sister Adriana, for never giving up on me or herself; My better half. I could have never learned how to adult without you.

To my munchkins, my babies, my “children”, my younger siblings, Esmeralda, Lupe, and Manuel; Thank you for keeping me young, for sharing your unconditional love for life, your eagerness to learn,your never ending cuddling sessions, your large and lovely smiles. For stopping and scolding me when I color outside the lines. For teaching me that love is kind, that life is beautiful, that blood is thicker, and that Nutella is always better if you just dig into the jar with a spoon.

& To all my family and friends; thank you  for your unconditional love and support; You are not alone in this journey. There will aways be someone to hug you a little tighter, to hold you a little longer, to smile a little wider, and overall, make your days a little brighter.